We are a hands-on brain trust of user-centric and design-driven innovators and problem solvers.

We use Lean Startup approaches and conduct systematic research to help aspiring entrepreneurs and motivated intrapreneurs
achieve continuous learning, innovation and lasting success.
We innovate solutions to help organizations fulfill the unmet and unconscious desires of customers at the intersection of converging technologies and business viability. We perform activities and provide services that touch all stages of the product life cycle and new venture development process.
Furthermore, we channel our focus on activities that minimize the time and resources it takes to build a product, measure the response, learn from the results, and determine whether to pivot from current strategies or persevere though temporary setbacks.
In Our Innovation Laboratory

We provide services and training using integrated tools and techniques to assist people who aspire to create innovative solutions, which include:

  • Idea mining
  • Idea evaluation & screening
  • Business and product visioning
  • Business model assumption building
  • Iterative strategy & product testing
  • Business model development
  • Learning milestone planning
  • Innovation metrics reporting & analysis
  • Entreprenerial Ecosytem Research
  • Product development assistance
  • Product marketing assistance
  • Project management assistance
  • Vendor & agency introductions (web and people based)
  • Grant proposal writing
In Our Innovation Factory

We continue to do all of the above but with a heightened awareness of the fine tuning needed to ready a project for major public consumption as a new breakthrough product or disruptive business venture.