We are a hands-on brain trust of user-centric and design-driven innovators and problem solvers.

We use Lean Startup approaches and conduct systematic research to help aspiring entrepreneurs and motivated intrapreneurs
achieve continuous learning, innovation and lasting success.
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We help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs embrace and create change based on emerging trends and converging technologies.


Ready. Set. Win!
With an Evidence-Based Approach to Innovation that is Easy to Follow and Fun to Execute

Locker Room
Ball Game
Share Your Clever Ideas

Assess preliminary ideas

Understand your engagement needs and service levels

Review Lean Startup approach

Evaluate the founder's pie

Create product / business model canvas

Create customer personas
Stretch Your Imagination

Deconstruct business model into leap-of-faith risk assumptions

Construct business model storyboard

Identify and interview customers

Analyze customer feedback
Wakeup to Play the Game

Prioritize core value propositions

Formulate your hypotheses

Define actionable, accessable and auditable metrics

Build Minimum Valuable Product (MVP)

Test your hypotheses and measure the results

Decide whether to pivot or persevere

Modify core assumptions

Step up to the plate again

    1. Derived from the Lean Startup method, I created LeanFoli to teach the principles and practices of Lean Startup to my co-innovation partners. In a fun way it helps illustrate the concept of iterative product and business model development.

      Will Anderson, Co-founder & CEO, W.E. Innovate Solutions